Being a Leadership Catalyst

The Leadership Catalyst is a leadership paradigm that was born out of my experiences as a naval officer, corporate manager, and non-profit program leader.

The basis for my model is a declaration that a good leader is someone who develops, creates, or otherwise inspires leadership abilities or improved performance in others—a leadership catalyst. Leadership catalysts can become force multipliers in their organizations by helping to exponentially improve the organization’s leadership capability. 

In a chemical solution, the catalyst creates a reaction that enables the original materials to become more than they are capable of becoming by themselves. Likewise, a person who is being a leadership catalyst enables others to become more than they are capable of becoming by themselves. 

My model melds concepts from ontology, quantum physics, and neuroscience to describe how a person can become a leadership catalyst by being mindful, connected, intentional, generative, and heretical. Each of the components involves a particular intention by the leader, which serves as a guide to being authentic and generous.

For more information on how you can become a leadership catalyst or create leadership-in-depth in your organization, please give me a call at 410-793-5756.